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Metrology Kits
Calibration, Verification and Gauge Kits
Rosenberger offers a comprehensive range of calibration, verification and gauges/gauge kits for selected standard coaxial interfaces.
Coaxial Calibration Kits

Product improvement: Calibration Kits and Calibration Components

Rosenberger re-worked the complete portfolio of calibration kits and single calibration components concerning design, electrical specifications and especially the product calibration and documentation on paper and USB stick.

The Rosenberger calibration laboratory offers two types of calibration 
  • factory calibration and
  • accredited calibration.
Each calibration kit comes with a calibration certificate. Measurement results and uncertainties for all calibration standards, gauges and torque wrenches are included. Standard calibration is the factory calibration.

As an option accredited calibration is carried out under DAkks accreditation: the Rosenberger calibration laboratory is accredited by the German accreditation body DAkkS (Deutsche Akkreditierungsstelle) according to DIN EN ISO 17025. Accredited calibration certificates are worldwide accepted to demonstrate that measurement results are traceable to national / international standards.

The implementation of this improvement will be placed series by series, ongoing with series RPC-3.50. Until Q2 / 2015 the improvement will be completed for all calibration kit and single calibration components.   

For information in detail please see the application note AN001 "Calibration Services".

Coaxial Calibration Kits
Coaxial Calibration Kits
Rosenberger offers the following types of calibration kits with a range of coaxial connector series for vector network analyzers (VNAs). All Rosenberger calibration kits can be used from DC to their maximum frequency.
  • Full version with adaptors and sliding loads for variable measurements
  • Industrial version for standard measurements
  • LRL and TRL version
Please see our online catalog for electrical specifications and versions of the respective series.
RPC-N 75 Ohm Calibration Kit for Frequencies up to 12 GHz
RPC-N 75 Ohm Calibration Kit P5CK140-170

Rosenberger introduce new 75 Ohm calibration kit which is designed for applications up to 12 GHz. This high performance calibration kit enables measurements in RPC-N, 75 Ohm as well as in BNC 75 Ohm applications when special adaptors (incl.) are used.

Rosenberger No.  P5 CK 140-170

RPC-1.85 Calibration Kit for Frequencies up to 12 GHz
RPC-1.85 Calibration Kit
Rosenberger has fundamentally revised the RPC-1.85 series product portfolio.
Calibration kits, opens, shorts, loads, adaptors and calibration adaptors, cable connectors etc. have been redesigned and can now be applied for frequencies from DC up to 70 GHz. Updated data sheets can be downloaded from the Rosenberger online catalog:

Compact Calibration Kits
RPC-N for Frequencies up to 18 GHz
RPC-N Compact CalKit 05S30R-MSOTS3
MSO (3-in-1) and MSOT (4-in-1) mechanical calibration kits for a complete calibration of network analyzer ports
  • Small, easy to handle and light weight
  • General coefficients on a standard definition card
  • Delivered with lanyard in a hard shell case
Verification Kits
Verification Kits
All verification components from Rosenberger are electrically characterized on a network analyzer measurement system. These measurements are traceable to metrology standards like PTB (Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt Braunschweig) or NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology).
Gauge Kits
Gage Kits
All gauge kits are delivered in a stable wooden box with gauge male/female incl. gauge block male/female