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155385 Communication Products - Katalog

RF Coaxial Connectors, Adaptors and Accessories

Edition 2014
Communication coaxial
319550 VIA® - Variable Interface Adaptor

Advanced Board-to-Board Connector

Edition 2016
VIA® - Variable Interface Adaptor
212480 P-SMP Connectors - Katalog

High Power Connectors

Edition 2010
P-SMP - Connectors
212481 P-SMP Connectors - Flyer

High Power Connectors

Edition 2010
P-SMP - Connectors
187129 PCB Connectors - Flyer

Solutions for Board to Board Connections

Edition 2011
PCB board to board
252453 Elastic Board to Board Connection - Flyer

Rosenberger EIC (Elastic Interface Coax) for RF connections between PCBs

Edition 2012
EIC PCB b2b Elastic board to board
Aerospace Products Flyer

DIN EN 9100, ESCC, and MIL-PRF 39012
Qualified Components

Edition 2015

 	 Aerospace Products Flyer
292050 Site Solutions Catalog

Edition 2015
Site Solutions Catalog
143612 Site Solutions - Flyer

Edition 2014
Rosenberger Site Solutions
NEX10™ Flyer

Miniatur Low PIM RF Coax Connector System for small cells

Edition 2016

270438 4.3-10 Katalog

Low PIM Connectors and Components
for Mobile Communication Applications

Edition 2016
4.3-10 -  Steckverbindersystem für den Mobilfunkmarkt
Site Solutions Coaxial Feeder Catalog

High Performance Transmission Line Solutions

Edition 2015

Site Solutions Coaxial Feeder Catalog
High Performance Coaxial Jumpers Flyer

The Link for a better Network Quality

Edition 2015

199320 PIA - Katalog

Passive Intermodulation Analyzers
PIM Test Solutions for all Applications

Edition 2016
PIA Passive Intermodulation Analyzers
295348 PIM Site Analyzer alpha

Edition 2015
PIM Site Analyzer alpha

T&M Competence Brochure
Development and Manufacture of Measurement Components
Rosenberger is a dependable and renowned development partner in industrial measurement technology. Rosenberger test and measurement components are designed using the many years of knowledge and experience gained by Rosenberger engineers in this industry segment.

Edition 2016

Development and Manufacture of Measurement Components
RPC-1.00 Connectors
RPC-1.00 connectors – with 50 Ω impedance and 1.00 mm outer conductor – can be used for challenging test & measurement applications up to 110 GHz.

Edition 2016

 	 RPC-1.00 Connectors
Compact Calibration Kits Flyer

Compact calibration kits for MSOT (4-in-1) and MSO (3-in-1) calibrations. These kits combine all necessary calibration standards in one unit – small, easy to handle and light weight.

Edition 2016

Compact Calibration Kits Flyer
126034 Rosenberger Messtechnik Sachsen

Entwicklung & Fertigung von Messtechnik-Komponenten

Edition 2016

RMS Brochure
195923 Multiport Mini-Coax - Flyer

Connectors & Cable Assemblies for Board-to-Board Applications

Edition 2015
Multiport Mini-Coax
Modular Connector System Flyer

In cooperation with key customers, Rosenberger has developed a modular connector system which improves existing solutions and fulfills the increasing requirements of test and measurement industries: to cover the whole frequency range from DC to 50 GHz only one part of PCB contact has to be processed.

Edition 2015

Modular Connector System Flyer
Spring Loaded Coax Flyer

The Rosenberger Spring Loaded Coax is designed to make quick, reliable and low abrasion connections up to 40 GHz to single-layer or multi-layer printed circuit boards with the microwave layer on top.

Edition 2015

Spring Loaded Coax Flyer
275620 Solderless PCB Mount Connectors

Lötfreie Leiterplattensteckverbinder in den Serien RPC-2.92 (bis 40 GHz), RPC-1.85 (bis 70 GHz) und RPC-1.00 (bis 110 GHz)

Edition 2014
Solderless PCB Mount Connectors
279229 75 Ohm Calibration Kit

for Frequencies up to 12 GHz

Edition 2014
248542 Microwave Cable Assemblies - Flyer

High Electrical Performance for Test & Measurement Applications

Edition 2014
microwave cable assemblies
248541 Test Port Adaptors - Flyer

for Vector Network Analyzers (VNA)

Edition 2012
test port adaptors
252452 Training Kit - Flyer

Mikrowellen Teststandards mit Laborübungen zur Ausbildung

Edition 2014
training kit

H-MTD® - Flyer

Automotive Steckverbindersystem bis zu 20 Gbit/s

Edition 2017 - DINA5

H-MTD® High-Speed Modular Twisted-Pair-Data Automotive Steckverbindersystem bis zu 20 Gbit/s
HFM® - High-Speed FAKRA-Mini Flyer

Automotive Steckverbindersystem bis zu 15 GHz

Edition 2016 - DINA5

135543 FAKRA - Katalog

Cable Connectors, PCB Connectors, Accessories

Edition 2016
170061 RosenbergerHSD® - Katalog

High Speed Data Connectors

Edition 2016

RosenbergerHPD® - Flyer

High Power Super Speed Data

Edition 2016



286975 MTD®Connector Systems - Flyer

Modular Twisted-Pair Data Connectors
for Ethernet Applications

Edition 2015 - DINA5
MTD - Modular Twisted-Pair Data Connectors
235482 RoDP® Connectors - Flyer

Magnetisches Kontakt-System zur Strom- und Datenübertragung in Leichtelektrofahrzeugen.

Edition 2016
266590 4 Pin Data Cable Assemblies - Flyer

EMV-sichere und wasserdichte Daten-Steckverbinder für Anwendungen in LEV's

Edition 2014
4 Pin Data Cable Assemblies
237240 High Voltage Connectors - Catalog

High Voltage Contact and Connector System for Electric and Hybrid Vehicles

Edition 2014
HVR High Voltage

250941 Medical & Industries - Broschüre
Innovative products for medical, industrial and consumer markets.

Edition 2015
Medical & Industries
Innovative Magnetic Products for Medtech Applications
Edition 2015
Innovative Magnetic Products for Medtech Applications
250940 RoDI® Products - Flyer

Rosenberger Diagnostic Interface Products

Edition 2012
Autarkic Tracking Unit TINO® basic by CE+ and Rosenberger

TINO® basic – Positioning & Tracking Unit – is a battery-operated system for determining location by means of GPS and transmission of the position data to a portal via GSM/GPRS.

Edition 2015

Autarkic Tracking Unit TINO® basic by CE+ and Rosenberger

Fiber Optics
Rosenberger OSI Produktkatalog - Deutsch

Cabling Competence

Edition 2013

Rosenberger OSI Produktkatalog
286767 MXCTM The big data connector - Flyer

The terabit-link to embedded optical devices

Edition 2014

MXCTM The big data connector
265620 No more limitations from PCB copper strip lines

High-Speed Fiber Optic Transmission - Directly at the PCB

Edition 2013
PRIZM® Light Turn®

138522 Rosenberger Firmenportrait (deutsch)

190290 Rosenberger Company Portrait (englisch)

192503 50 Jahre Chronik (deutsch)
50 Jahre Rosenberger Chronik 1958 - 2008
192505 50 Years Chronicle (english)
50 Years Rosenberger Chronicle 1958 - 2008
138521 Broschüre für Studierende (deutsch)
232187 Broschüre zur Ausbildung (deutsch)
185688 Kalender
16 x 10 cm